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Best Three Affordable Coffee Tables of 2023

Your home design says a lot about you as a person, your taste, your comfort zone and even your personality. This is why we take such care and consideration when choosing furniture our home and deciding on our colour palette. Here you will find your perfect Coffee Table

Coffee tables are so much more than just a convenience to have in your living room area, it’s more like a statement of your art, your style, leaving a taste of your accent. It’s an essential part of every living room, and without this piece of furniture, the picture will feel incomplete.

Well… what type of coffee table will work well with your home?

We all of course, dream of having homes like influencers online- big, spacious and lavish, but realistically, most of us will not have a whole lot of space, with high ceilings, and great big windows, it’s not a lifestyle that most of us can sustain- so my intent here is to reach people who are looking for affordable ways to style their home, and integrate their personal scent into their home design.

Round Glass Coffee Table

Gold Glass Coffee Table

Today, we find the world wide colour of the Gold trend prominently featuring in the most popular celebrity/influencer’s homes. This colour speaks to our viewers, and has captivated our audience- which is really no surprise as it’s beautiful and timeless statement

We find in particular, “brass-gold” is the most attractive variety from the Gold colour palette; this is why I have picked out this coffee table.

I love the sleek and simple design; and although simple, it differentiates from the usual rectangular shape coffee tables all on it’s own. The circle shape fits in with any room, especially if your room is not the perfect square or rectangular shape.

This piece will work well with neutral colour palettes featuring gold.

Key features:

    • Dimensions: 84D x 84W x 45.5H centimetres

    • Colour: Gold

    • Shape: round

    • Steel frame

    • 6mm tempered glass on top

    • Can load up to 70kg

    • Adjustable feet

    • Weight: 8.8kg

Price– Original price: £63.99, but on sale for £59.99

Modern Coffee Table

Another popular colour scheme trend is the feature of black paired with neutral tones. The colour black is distinguishable and eye catching, making a bold statement in your home

The contrast between black and light-neutral tones is chic and effortless, harmonizing with one another, and this is what sets the peaceful, yet classy tone in your home.

I have chosen this piece as the perfect coffee table as a perfect match for the black & neutral contrast colour scheme for your home. The rectangular shape with sits well with a square/rectangular shape room, accompanied by black décor pieces- such as books, vase, lamp etc

You can find linked suggestions below to decorate your living room area…

Irregular Black Donut Vase

Black Ceramic Vase


Ambipolar Cat Decorative Bookends


Black Tea Light Holder

Key features:

    • Dimensions:  55D x 95W x 31H centimetres

    • Colour: reclaimed wood

    • Shape: rectangular

    • Tampered glass on top

    • Low shelf storage

    • Geometric metal frame

Pricing– £42.99

Modern, White High Gloss Coffee Table

The colour white, as it resembles tranquillity peace and tranquillity; I love how it makes the home look open, tidy and clean.

White can be paired a variety of different colours, such as black, gold, green, blue, grey; due to the versatility of this colour, you have more options of colours to play around with and to have fun with!

White is safe, pure and beautiful.

The sleek design of this coffee table is stunning; as an added bonus, if you don’t have a lot of storage space, it can be utilized to fit your needs

Key features:

    • Dimensions: Geometric metal frame

    • Shape: rectangular

    • Colour: white

    • Durable & sturdy

    • Laminated Chipboard,the surface panel used with UV high gloss finish

    • Weight: 23kg

    • Material: engineered wood

Pricing– £84.99


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