Aesthetic SMEG White Electric Kettle for your White kitchen theme

White SMEG Kettle

The White SMEG Kettle is truly one of the most aesthetic and Instagram picture worthy Kettles. It’s perfect for a modern home design; and this colour in particular sits well within a clinical kitchen colour palette, as well as a contrast of dark and light colour palette

Why not add a luxury scent to your kitchen for a well-worth-it price?

The auto shut off feature allows the kettle to boil up to 100°C. It also benefits from a “keep warm” function and it’s really perfect if you have a house full of guests! The soft open lid functionality integrates with the chic design really well.

Furthermore, it is able to fit anywhere within your kitchen and easy to move around! Best of all for the women out there, cleaning is made easy thanks to the removable scale filter.

I am pleased with my experience with the SMEG kettle, the eloquent design really makes it worth the price. The boil was quick and easy, also very minimal wastage of water as the cup measurements are displayed on the side. A little heavier than other kettles, but still easy enough to move around the kitchen.

The price really does reflect the quality; this brand is extremely reliable and durable, not to mention luxurious! 

Want to make a statement in your kitchen? This is your kettle.

Key specifications

    • 3000W- for super-fast boiling

    • Auto switch-off at 100°C

    • Capacity 1.7 litres

    • Material- stainless steel

    • Dimensions: 22.6 x 17.1 x 24.8 cm;

    • Weight: 1.6kg

    • Wattage: 2400

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